Taw-menting fish with Pete Tyjas

Spent a few days this week with good friend Pete Tyjas fishing the river Taw, Cherrybrook & Blackerbrook in Devon… in a word awesome, made all the more so by Pete who’s without question one of Devons best guides & instructors.

The Taw – copious glides, riffles and pools to satisfy the demands of any angler

River Taw

River Taw

Himalayan Balsam forests to be circumnavigated in order to reach some of the Taws secret pools… in other words anglers terminology for ‘I think we’re lost’

Pete Tyjas

Found it… I take a minute to water some local flora letting Pete in on the pool first, Pete nails a stunning wild brown trout – Hang on… who’s guiding who?

Pete Tyjas

This one succumbed to one of his balloon caddis with the first chuck

Pete Tyjas

Pete has his own private stretch of river to use for his clients… “lucky s.o.b”

Pete Tyjas

We reach a productive sea trout pool, I can’t help but give it a shot in daylight hours and dare to use my trusty & travelled 10ft #2 in the hope of connecting…

Jim - Taw

Alas… with three thumping knocks to a jig fly I just couldn’t get any to hold


We move on upstream stealing many opportunities in likely runs and pools, in great company I enjoy the trout we winkle out but most of all just an opportunity to walk and get to know water I’d never fished before…

Jim - Taw trout

Pete - Taw trout

The day ends quickly as the best always do, it’s off to ‘chez Tyjas’ to sample the delights of Emma’s cooking and reminisce over much of the pi@@ taking and ridicule so often shared between friends.

The following day sees us cross over onto the moors into boggy ankle breaking territory, Cherrybrook and Blackerbrook to be more specific.

Cherrybrook – lots of trout rising to an abundance of dodgem like sedge


Blackerbrook – Don’t know who this vagrant is that keeps creeping into shot


The fish seem non too picky about the fly pattern on offer, it seems to go against all the rules of a Match the Hatch mentality… just put some darn food on, they’re hitting everything – regardless!… they’re just happy to see invertebrates of any colour and shape that provide a meal of sorts, don’t over analyse it, just cast and fish to the rises – it worked, again & again

An irresistible Sedgehog and a CDC Fluff were all that was needed


Repeated drowning of said CDC Fluff fly below, the Sedgehog was more reliably buoyant without needing constant treatment so took centre stage on the moors

CDC Fluff

First chuck and wallop, second chuck and wallop – and so on


The billionth fish munching my fly somewhere… size of which matters not, care to be taken when striking so as not to launch these wee trout into a back cast.


Short lining tactics are well rewarded… Pete tormenting Cherrybrook residents

Pete - Jim

Narrow it may be – but shallow it is not


Having played out as many fish as we could muster it was time for lunch and then onto Blackerbrook for much of the same but in more pocket type terrain

Pete downstream of me bouncing flies of boulders and alike


I’m upstream of him bouncing off some of my own


It’s a very long time since I last fished on pocket water such as this, I’d highly recommended it though before you become old and unstable on your feet Smile with tongue out


A birds eye view of the terrain – knee pads, good sturdy footwear and a 10ft #2


The rewards of which are many, they get no more beautiful – just bigger


Thanks Pete for a great few days company and fishing, if you’re ever in Devon and fancy a fish on the river Taw or the Moors, perhaps some bass fishing instead? -  get hold of Pete here, he heads up the Devon School of Fly Fishing

Now for some more fishing in Wales next week with John, Warren, James and Richard – Need to bring you here also guys for another fishing trip.


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